From Dull to Dazzling: A Living Room Transformation

Everyone has one – a dull, lifeless, colorless room that you just don’t know what to do with. One Old Town couple decided to do something about it.

They called Decorating Den.

Interior Decorators Jan Bertin and Lorin Jones, a team two years strong, specialize in houses, condos, and apartments in the Alexandria region of Northern Virginia.

For their latest project, the team tackled a family room in the home of a couple’s Old Town home. Mostly used for relaxing and entertaining, the couple wanted to take advantage of the space by putting in built-ins. Lorin transformed the neutral, lifeless room into an open, well-lit space with clean lines and bursts of color inspired by the rug found in the front entrance of the house.

“It’s important to have continuity from room to room,” Lorin said. “The color from the rug moves into this living space, providing a comfortable and natural flow.”

They positioned the flat screen TV so it could be viewed easily from the sofa, as well as anywhere in the room, making it a perfect spot to watch the upcoming Super Bowl. Although the TV is the focal point of the room, the photo wall stands out as a personal touch that the couple brought into the room themselves.

If you’re faced with a lifeless room and no idea what to do with it, contact Decorating Den today at 703-239-8112, or have a decorator contact you directly by filling out this form.

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