With the sun shining more hours of the day and flowers coming up in bloom, spring is a time of change and renewal. If you are thinking about renovating something around your house, why not start with something as simple as your kitchen cabinets? You won’t have to spend too much time or money on these fixes, but they can transform your kitchen into something fresh and new. Discover some quick tips and tricks that will guide you on how you can do this in your home!

  • Paint. If your kitchen’s wall color is a dark, bold color, incorporate a lighter, brighter color or a neutral tone that pairs with the overall theme of your kitchen. Prior to painting, you should clean your cabinets to remove any surface stains from food. Then, sand them down, wipe again to remove any dust, and apply a coat of paint. The color you choose will determine how many coats are necessary to achieve the new look. Within a day or so, you will have an updated kitchen without breaking the bank.
  • Reface. Instead of replacing the entire cabinet, just get rid of the door. Head to your local home improvement store to find the perfect brand new door to modernize your kitchen. You could also choose to go with a layer of veneer, which can make your existing cabinet doors look like brand new ones! To make a drastic change, install glass cabinet doors, or remove doors completely to achieve an industrial-shelving look!
  • Paper the Interior. Find a pattern or design you like and line the inside of your cabinets with it. This layer can provide protection from scratches and other damage that everyday use can cause. Adding a layer of decorative paper to the interior of cabinets can also make a statement, particularly if you have glass-paneled cabinets. This look truly works with any type of cabinetry and can be a nice little surprise every time you reach for a glass.
  • Replace the Hardware. Gone are the days when wood and metal handles were your only options. Today, there are plenty of door openers to choose from.  You can find a designer collection or even rummage a local vintage shop for new mix and match pulls. The options are endless, and a simple way to update the look and feel of your kitchen cabinets.
  • Add Lighting. Incorporating small lights into the underside of your kitchen cabinets instantly creates a look of luxury. The fixtures are hidden but provide enough extra light to make you wonder why you never had them in the first place. A well-lit kitchen makes all of the little tasks like measuring, cutting vegetables and midnight snacking that much easier.

These quick fixes are quite affordable and easy enough to DIY, but for those who want that professional touch, CertaPro Painters® of Westchester, NY and Southern CT are here to help. After all, now is the perfect time to give your cabinets a spring makeover!