Gone are the long, summer days of pool parties and backyard barbecues. Fall has arrived, and it’s time to get yourself and your home ready for the cooler weather! Invite fall into your home décor with these simple seasonal updates.

Refresh Your Front Door:  Over the summer, your front door can take a beating from hot sun rays and long, humid days. The experts Miami, FL house painters know all too well how humidity can cause major damage to paint and recommend applying a fresh coat of paint or stain to it once the cool weather rolls in. This will bring your entryway back to life, as well as help protect it from the elements through the fall and winter months.

Update Your Window Treatments:  Days grow shorter in the fall, leaving homeowners fighting to let as much light in during the daytime hours. Spruce up your window’s interior appearance with new window treatments. Cellular shades allow natural light to flow into a home without an invasion of privacy. They are available in a number of shades and styles, making them easy to incorporate into your existing décor. Layer festive fall colored blinds over the cellular shades for a multi-textured look.

Surround Yourself With Nature:  Create a festive landscape around your windows with fall window boxes. Use chicken wire to create a base for items to sit on. Line the window box with pumpkins, gourds, mums, and fall grasses, using twine or strips of burlap to tie items down as necessary. Arrange pumpkins on haystacks by your front door to create a unique entryway. Bring fall foliage inside as well to create centerpieces for tables. Take leftover gourds and small pumpkins to arrange in bowls or on shelving units throughout your home.

Change Your Scent:  A change in your home’s scent is one of the simplest updates to spruce your home up for fall. Use citrus or pumpkin spice scented wall plug-ins around your kitchen and living areas to spread the scents of fall. Light fall scented candles in your bedroom to create a scenic autumnal glow. You can also fill your home with fall scents by using potpourri or fall flowers like mums.

Rearrange Furniture:  This can be something as simple as moving a chair and a table around. Fall is a great time to rearrange your furniture and an even easier way to update the look of a space.  Switching around furniture gives you the opportunity to create a welcoming and well-balanced space for all of the guests you’ll have over throughout the fall and winter.

Do A Swap Out:  The new season doesn’t mean that your furniture has to be replaced. Instead, do a swap out. Instead of a linen throw, leave a wool blanket over your couch. Swap out summery throw pillows for colorful autumn shades. When you think about doing a swap out, keep it simple – throw rugs, blankets, shades, and even wall art.

For more unique tips and tricks on how to welcome fall into your home decor, contact Lisa DeLorenzo, a Sparta, NJ interior decorator.