A bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home. It also happens to be one of the simplest rooms to upgrade. Whether your bathroom is in dire need of modernization or you’re just looking for a simple change, consider these simple but effective projects!

Upgrade the sink. As one of the most important components in any bathroom, the sink can be easily updated by changing the faucet fixtures. Swap your old fixtures with polished chrome ones for a sleek, updated look. If you’re looking to save on space, upgrade to a porcelain pedestal sink, which takes up less visual space. For a more unique and stylish look, install a marble bowl sink.

Upgrade the shower. Shower curtains can be flimsy and do a poor job of keeping water from splashing out of your shower, ultimately soaking the rest of your bathroom. Glass shower enclosures are both functional and modern looking. You can also upgrade your shower by swapping out your current shower head for one with multiple settings for added pampering.

Upgrade bath accessories. Swap out your old mirror for a more decorative, framed mirror. Change outdated light fixtures with new ones. Update drawer and cabinet hardware. Incorporate a throw rug or toilet seat cover that complements your bathroom décor, or find a pattern that you like and change it up. Simply adding a patterned bath rug can totally change the look and feel of the space.

Change up the color. Another easy way to upgrade your bathroom is to change the color of the walls. Lighten the space with a bright color, or create a clean look with a fresh coat of white on the walls. Add a personal touch by incorporating personal artwork or photographs into your décor. If you’re not into the idea of changing the entire color of the space, the experts of CertaPro Painters of Central SW Florida recommend adding a simple coat of white paint to trimming or baseboards to freshen the look of the room. Remember to choose a paint that can withstand the high levels of moisture in the bathroom.

Upgrade your storage. It is easy for bathrooms to become overcrowded with cosmetics and grooming products. Solve your storage woes by incorporating a combination of open storage (baskets and bins) and closed storage (cabinets and drawers). Add magnetic strips to cabinet doors to store makeup or metal hair accessories that can clutter vanity space. Store extra toiletries by the sink in unique dishes or bowls for when guests come to visit. Mount a towel rack to the wall to save on closet space. For smaller bathrooms, consider installing shelving units to save on floor space.

Remember that a bathroom should be a sanctuary in the home, not a cluttered, dull space. If you’re in the market for a bathroom upgrade, consider these simple renovations. For more simple, effective upgrades, contact Linda and Dana Coin, interior decorators in Sanibel, FL.