Types of Restorative Rooms You Can Create in Your Home

The past few years have been a trying and stressful time for many people. Because of this, our homes have become a sanctuary away from the chaos and hustle of the world. If you feel stressed and overwhelmed, it might be beneficial to create a peaceful space in your home that is strictly for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Read on for suggestions on restorative rooms you can create in your home.

Zen yoga studio

Practicing yoga is beneficial not only for your body but also for your mind. Regular yoga practice has been shown to increase flexibility, decrease stress, and improve cardio health, among other benefits. If you have taken up yoga for your mental and physical health or are interested in doing so, consider creating your very own yoga studio. The beauty of yoga is that you don’t need much space, so a smaller room works perfectly. Aim for a neutral wall color to create a peaceful backdrop. In terms of décor, go for natural materials. Consider adding inspirational artwork to your walls as well, or whatever makes a calm and inspiring atmosphere that allows you to unwind and connect with your breath and body.

Peaceful bedroom oasis

The bedroom should be a place for rest and relaxation. To improve your bedroom’s restorative capabilities, create a space of calm. In terms of colors, try to avoid loud, warm colors, as they tend to evoke alertness and energy. Instead, stick to neutrals or blues and grays, which have a more calming effect. Use warm lighting as opposed to harsh bulbs, as they can mess up your circadian rhythm and make it more difficult to fall asleep. On a similar note, try to keep electronics out of your bedroom since they can impede your sleep cycle. Finally, try to keep your bedroom free of clutter and make it as stress-free a space as possible.

Cozy home library

Some people find nothing more relaxing than curling up with a good book. If your novels are strewn all over the place, consider setting up a personal library to give your books a home. It will also serve as a space for you to wind down and read. As far as décor goes, shelving will be crucial, and there are several options to consider. You can use floating shelves throughout the room or purchase floor-to-ceiling bookcases to line up across the wall. Lighting is also essential, as you don’t want to strain your eyes in low light conditions unnecessarily. Finally, be sure to have a cozy seat ready with a blanket so you can curl up and enjoy your latest read.

Complete entertainment studio

For many of us, the ideal wind-down involves watching a good movie or television show while snuggling on the couch. If this is your favorite way to decompress, consider revamping your entertainment center and creating a room dedicated to enjoying visual media. Place your television or projector in a spot to have the best viewing experience. You can also consider upgrading your couches for a cozier option. Don’t forget to add ample blankets and pillows for maximum comfort. Finally, be sure you have a coffee or side table nearby to place any snacks or drinks.

Energizing home gym

Suppose your ideal way to unwind doesn’t include meditation so much as burning off the negative energy. Then, creating an at-home gym may be for you. First, decide what kind of equipment you prefer to use. Large general merchandise stores carry weights, and you can get machines through specialty websites. Consider using your garage if you don’t have an entire room to dedicate, says an interior designer in St. John. You can use gym mats or special flooring to create a more usable space to get your grind in and your mind centered.

We hope the ideas above help you create a space in your home that gives you peace in times of chaos and helps you care for your mental wellbeing.