How to Decorate Your Fireplace for Winter

A fireplace often acts as the focal point of a room. It creates a space to gather and offers an excellent canvas on which to decorate. If decorating your fireplace for the winter season has proved to be more difficult than expected, you have come to the right place.

Read on to discover five tips on how to decorate your fireplace for winter, including holiday décor and beyond.

Evergreen decor

Winter greenery doesn’t need to stay outdoors. Decorate your fireplace with evergreen garland for a festive mantle display that can change throughout the season. While lovely on its own, the garland can act as a beautiful base for more layers of decor. You can add festive lights during the holiday season or display your Santa collection. Come January, you can swap out your merry decorations for more neutral winter additions, such as candles or pinecones. 

Picturesque display

Winter is a cozy season, so why not bring those warm and fuzzy feelings to your mantle? For some wholesome decor, display photographs of your family. Use different sized frames and colors for visual interest. Or, if you receive lots of holiday cards, you can display those on your mantle. If there is no risk of a fire hazard, consider stringing up your holiday cards over the fireplace. Close the gaps between the photographs or cards with seasonal decorations such as lights, trees, or candles.

Traditional fare

The holiday season is rife with traditions, so why not use that to inspire your fireplace décor? Add some garland and red ribbon to drape around the perimeter of your fireplace. A string of lights woven between the greenery is also a great option. Hang up a few stockings for your family members and pets. String up a few ornaments around the fireplace for a bit of whimsy. For the finishing touches, hang a festive wreath above the fireplace to tie everything together and create a scene out of a Christmas movie, says an Overland Park, KS, interior decorator.

Wintry weather

Flocked garland doesn’t have to be the only way you bring a little bit of the season’s snow into your home décor (though it does the job nicely). Whether you live in a place that gets pummeled by snow every year or you only experience a bit of rain, snow-themed décor makes a lovely display. You can hang snowflake lights around your fireplace or place snowflake décor items on top of your mantle. Make a few snowflake cutouts from paper for an easy, kid-friendly DIY project that makes your kids feel like they played a big part in decorating the house. 

Seasonal tones

Winter brings with it the coldest months of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, making it a great time to embrace cool tones. Use blue and silver candles, vases, and items to evoke the cold temperatures of the winter months. If you are not fond of the cool tones of winter, you have other options to embrace the season. Though winter is often considered a time without much life and vitality, your décor doesn’t have to be dull. Incorporate warm tones, such as beige and ivory, for a cozy look. Woven and wood pieces work well here, too. Add some seasonal plants, such as poinsettias, holly, or white eucalyptus, for a pop of color.

Don’t let the winter blues get you down. Use the tips above and create the cozy winter fireplace of your dreams. If you do, you’ll have no problem curling up around the fire on any given night!