Spring is just about here, which means summer and the promise of warmer weather are right around the corner. With the beautiful weather comes the desire to be outside, so don’t let a worn patio keep you from enjoying the fresh air. Read on to discover tips on how to paint and redecorate your patio, so it’s ready for hours of relaxing fun.

Clear it out

Before you do anything, it is a good idea to clear out your patio to assess your space. Are there cracks you need to fill? Do you need to hose down the floor, or perhaps the table and chairs? Do you even like the table and chairs anymore? Once you answer these questions, you’ll have a better idea of how to move forward and plan your ideal patio space. Get rid of anything old and broken so you can make room for new furnishings and decor.

Step it up with a fresh coat

Painting your patio is a great way to improve its overall look, especially if it’s just plain concrete. Professional painters in College Station, TX, recommend power washing your patio before going in with any paint to ensure the smoothest and best possible application. If applicable, fill any cracks you might have in your patio. Be sure to choose a paint type that can last in various outdoor conditions. A new coat of paint will add life and personality to the typically dull concrete patio.

Serve up seating

Patios are best used for socializing. As such, it is important that you have the proper seating to accommodate you and your guests. You can implement functional furniture, such as stools that double as storage or mini tables. Floor cushions provide extra seating without taking up much room and also double as decor. For your main seating, take a look at the many different outdoor tables and chair sets and find one that matches your home’s style. An eating nook with a small table and a few chairs is also a stylish way to provide seating without going overboard.

Dish out decorations

Decorating your patio is a fun opportunity to mix natural and refined elements. A Norman, OK, interior decorator recommends using plants as one of your main decor pieces. Potted plants bring an organic vibrancy and texture to your patio space. You can put your plants in decorative or aesthetically appealing pots, like clay or painted ceramic. Additionally, you can add colorful throw pillows to whatever seating you have to bring in pops of color. Finally, don’t count out a beautiful piece of furniture as a decor piece, such as a well-made (and well-stocked) bar cart.

Remember lighting

Don’t forget about lighting when decorating your patio. If your patio is entirely outside or gets a lot of sun, you must think about how you can provide shade. Curtains or coverings can provide respite on the hottest days, while an umbrella is a welcome addition to avoid the sun’s worst effects. For nighttime use, you might consider adding a string of lights around your patio. This will provide some ambiance and maintains the outdoor vibe.

A patio is a perfect place to gather as the weather gets warmer. By following the tips above, you can make your patio the best place to be throughout the season.