Decorating With Indoor and Outdoor Plants

While our world may be increasingly urban and industrialized, the simple pleasure of tending to a house plant has not been lost. In fact, house plants have grown in popularity over the last few years, with Etsy shops and online nurseries exploding in demand and sales. It’s never too late to hop on to this green trend and get started tending to some plants.

Read on to discover how to decorate with indoor and outdoor plants.

Fiddle leaf fig

The fiddle leaf fig tree is a beautiful, large plant that is sure to catch eyes in your home. Because it can grow to be pretty tall, it is an excellent option for when you need a focal point for a room or to frame a window. Fiddle leaf fig trees require a lot of light, as they are tropical plants, so be sure to place them where you know they will be able to soak up the sun.

Succulents and cacti

An excellent option for your interior decor is succulents and cacti. These resilient plants can thrive without frequent watering, which may come as a relief to those of us who forget and are left with wilted leaves. If space is limited in your home or if you have pets that love to get into plants, succulents and cacti can be used as wall-hanging plants. They are typically small, so you can easily place them in hanging planters or frames. They also come in a diverse array of colors and sizes, with some even flowering throughout the year, making them an apt choice for any decor theme.

Annual flowers

When we think of plants, we often think of blooming flowers. If your outdoor area needs a serious pop of color, consider planting annual flowers. Annuals include purple petunias, orange marigolds, and blue pansies. If you have a yard, consider creating a flower bed alongside your house. If you lack space, window planters not only hold your flowers but frame your windows with a splash of color. A Chatham, NJ, interior decorator recommends adding a few hanging planters and filling them with bright, vibrant flowers for those with porches.

Perennial bushes

If planting annual flowers sounds like a task you would come to dread as the years go on, consider planting perennial bushes. Perennial simply means the plant will live longer than two years. A great option is hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are flowering shrubs that are known for their beautiful blooms that can last all summer long. They are easy to maintain and difficult to kill, making them a great, low-maintenance option. The flowers also come in different colors, from pink to blue with a myriad of purple in between, perfect for adding a pop of color to your front facade or along your driveway. 


Herbs are another great option as they can thrive both indoors and outdoors. Herbs such as basil, scallions, and rosemary do well outside in the warm weather and can acclimate to indoor temperatures as the weather gets cooler. Not only do they provide some much-needed greenery, but they also have the added benefit of being edible. Consider setting up your pots in the kitchen, provided the space gets enough light, so that you have easy access to your herbs while cooking. Not only are herbs useful for your day-to-day life, but they are also easy to manage and only require infrequent watering.

We hope reading the recommendations above will inspire you to incorporate a little more green into your décor and outside space.