• Custom Upholstery with Loosely Woven Wool

    Interior Decorator Jan Bertin achieved a magical transformation using a 130-year-old textile on a pair of armchairs. By recovering them in this throw, beautifully woven in wool many years ago, the client now has unique pieces that blend seamlessly with the antiques already in her living room. The  loosely-woven textile was stabilized with a knit

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  • Home Is Where the Heart Is

    What do you want your home to be? A Sanctuary, a gathering place, a showcase, an entertainment hub and command central, a welcoming place to “hang your hat,” or a legacy for family? “Home” can mean grounding.  It can also define personal goals, tastes and needs, and we all want a home that is beautiful

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  • Floor Plans: A Designer’s Starting Point

    Everyone wants a welcoming, comfortable, lovely home.   Achieving a space that looks like it fell perfectly into place, however, is usually the result of plenty of preparation and a lot of thought. Knowing how the space is going to be used is essential, as is its connection to other adjacent rooms.  Color, style, and function

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  • Kitchen Interior Design

    Elegant Kitchen Designs: a Dream or a Reality?

    Our world is in constant change.  Some changes are slow, others fast. In general, we are resistant to changes. We prefer the certainty of the known. The world of interior design does not escape the trend of changes.  Styles, colors, materials and fashion come and go. However, kitchen designs probably stand among the most drastic

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  • Interior Decorators in Northern Virginia

    Retirement & Downsizing

    With the abundance of baby boomers looking to make the move into retirement living, thoughts turn to the daunting task of downsizing the years of accumulated “stuff” that occupies our homes.  All the wonderful furniture and accessories that we have carefully selected over many years suddenly becomes unmanageable when we think about downsizing. Just the

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  • Interior Designer Northern VA

    3 Steps to Spring Cleaning

    Before you tackle any interior decorating project, make sure your home is free of last year’s clutter. Cue the Spring Cleaning music! Follow these simple (read: “dreaded”) steps and ensure your spring clean is a success! Step 1. Purge. What knick knacks have you accumulated over the past year (or – gasp! – since your

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