• paint removal tips

    How To Remove Paint Stains

    Painting can be a messy project if it’s not handled properly. Drips and accidental paint spills can do major damage to flooring, clothing, furniture and even skin. As a general rule, you want to clean up a paint spill as soon as it happens. Unfortunately, this can’t always be done, and a dried paint stain

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  • Holiday Bathroom Decor

    Wreaths decorate doors, garlands wind along staircases and banisters, and Christmas trees sparkle full of ornaments and lights in living rooms. So what festive items adorn the bathroom? Holiday decorating brightens up living spaces and lifts moods with cheerful, bright colors and lights. The more public areas of your home always receive the most festive

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  • Design Challenge: Decorating with Neutrals

    Common Design Challenge: I love decorating with neutral colors, but how do you keep everything from looking too bland and boring? Decorating Den’s Thora Tam has some insight: Neutral color schemes can be relaxing and elegant, if done correctly.  The best way to handle neutral colors, whether it’s shades of white/ivory, grey or brown tones, is

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  • Wall Coverings

    Some of our decorators toured the York Wallcovering Factory and Offices in York, PA.  We saw first hand how their wallcovering is made, some of which is on the original machines from the late 1800’s!  We also met Ronald Redding who gave us a tour of the archives room with some many inspiring patterns and colors.  We saw how

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  • Chandeliers: No Longer Just for Formal Dining Rooms

    chan-de-lier noun \ˌshan-də-ˈlir\ :a large, decorated light that hangs from a ceiling and has branches for holding many light bulbs or candles “Chandelier.” Merriam-Webster.com Lighting is a pivotal, and unfortunately underused, element in decorating. Fixtures such as chandeliers possess the ability to set the tone or style for the remainder of the room. They have

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