• Fun Faux Finishes

    Faux painting is a decorative technique that creates a false appearance. As wallpaper became less popular, different painting techniques started being used to create the texture and appearance that wallpaper once provided. The faux finishes trend has become very popular in recent years and can create a variety of looks in a home. Marbleizing –

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  • Home Décor Trends Inspired By Fashion

    Did you know that the world of home decor is heavily influenced by the colors and textures fashion designers put on the runway? Interior decorators and homeowners alike seek the trends presented at fashion weeks across the globe and find unique ways to incorporate them into furniture, wall color, and accessories for a living space.

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  • How to Accomplish The Minimalist Look

    When looking at design trends, the word minimalist appears quite often. For many, this style comes with many uncertainties, as most people are unsure of what to incorporate in order to achieve the look. A quick assumption of ‘minimalist’ may include thoughts of a lack of decor, very little furniture, and an overall sleek design

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