Wouldn’t you agree that this is a common question?  Whenever we meet someone new, whether it’s at a professional networking event or a social gathering, this question comes up. And there isn’t a simple answer: “I work in marketing and business development.  Essentially it’s my job to tell the Decorating Den Interiors story.  My mission is to make DDI a household name.  I wear many hats and every day is different… which I love!”

If you were to ask one of our many franchise owners or decorators this question, the answer is clear: “We are a full service custom interior decorating company.  We offer personalized design services, quality products and complete management of each design project.  Our clients enjoy the creative, fun aspect of decorating their space, while our professional decorators take care of the rest!  And every client and project is different.”

Our concept allows clients to benefit from the expertise of our professional, creative decorators as well as our buying power.  Whenever I tell someone what we “do” or how we work with clients, the response is always great!  I hear things like: “I didn’t think I could afford to work with a professional” or “I didn’t know you offered furniture too.”  The reality of working with a professional is that your money is well spent, there aren’t costly mistakes, and you get exactly what you want, not what is being promoted on a showroom floor.  Best of all, the decisions are made in your space!

Getting back to the question at hand. If answering this question means telling someone what your job is and you aren’t happy and love what you do, then it might be time to make a change.  Part of “what I do” is help people explore interior decorating (with DDI) as a career.  It is one of the best hats that I wear.

One could say that I help make dreams come true!  For someone who loves to decorate, and has an entrepreneurial spirit, the extensive and advanced training we offer can be paramount.  Combine it with our merchandising support and marketing systems to turn your passion into a business.  It’s hard work, but I call it living a dream!

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From the desk of:  Robyn McClure