• paint removal tips

    How To Remove Paint Stains

    Painting can be a messy project if it’s not handled properly. Drips and accidental paint spills can do major damage to flooring, clothing, furniture and even skin. As a general rule, you want to clean up a paint spill as soon as it happens. Unfortunately, this can’t always be done, and a dried paint stain

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  • Holiday Bathroom Design

    Holiday Bathroom Decor

    Wreaths decorate doors, garlands wind along staircases and banisters, and Christmas trees sparkle full of ornaments and lights in living rooms. So what festive items adorn the bathroom? Holiday decorating brightens up living spaces and lifts moods with cheerful, bright colors and lights. The more public areas of your home always receive the most festive

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  • Ask A Decorator: Pro Color Pairing Tips

    A reader asked: “My family room is 23×14′, and I have peacock-blue, floor length curtains and beige carpeting. What color would look best on my walls?” Paula, a residential paint color expert at CertaPro Painters of Bowie, says:  I have found that when working with carpet and wall decorations,  Sherwin Williams shades of beige work

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  • paint cans

    Ask a Decorator: Bookcase Paint

    A reader asked: “We have a small library and decided to paint the wall to wall bookcase. We just painted the walls Ben Moore Silver moon. Nice and clean. We have NO idea what to paint the bookcase. We had a thought of white but the white primer shows probably TOO much white against the silver

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  • NoVaDecoratingBlog_FlooringPic (1)

    How to Choose the Right Flooring

    Selecting flooring for your home can be an overwhelming task for most homeowners. It’s a big investment that influences your home’s appearance and sets the mood for your interior style. With endless possibilities on the market, how do you know which flooring is best for your home and lifestyle? Let’s go over some of these

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