• updated bathroom

    Simple, Effective Bathroom Upgrades

    A bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home. It also happens to be one of the simplest rooms to upgrade. Whether your bathroom is in dire need of modernization or you’re just looking for a simple change, consider these simple but effective projects! Upgrade the sink. As one of the most

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  • spring cleaning

    Spring Cleaning For Energy Efficiency

    When you think about spring cleaning, you probably think about hauling everything out onto your lawn so that you can scrub the entirety of your house and reorganize. What many people forget to consider are the simple things you can add to your list to keep your home as energy efficient as possible. Read on

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  • sell your home

    How To Boost Curb Appeal

    With the official start of spring behind us, many homeowners have begun to focus their attention on the appearance of their home’s exterior. This is particularly true for those homeowners looking to sell their homes this year. Many families choose to start looking in the spring and plan for a move during the summer so

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  • spring home decor

    Updating Your Home For Spring

    When the weather finally breaks, a lot of homeowners are excited about refreshing and renewing their homes. You don’t need to make major renovations to have your home feeling shiny and new, but there are a few simple tweaks you can make to break free from your winter rut! Get your home ready for spring

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  • home improvements and taxes

    A Guide to Home Improvements & Taxes

    As a homeowner, it’s inevitable that you’ll be making changes or upgrades to your house. Now that tax season has started, you may be wondering if there’s any kind of rebate or tax break you can get for increasing your home’s appeal or property value. The answer depends on the type of renovation and when

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  • wood paneling in home design

    How To Update & Decorate Wood Paneling

    Wood paneling- what was once considered insulation from cold rock walls is now a decorative covering used to provide comfort. It first started showing up in homes around the 1970s, but like any fad or trend, it faded in the late 90′s and early 2000′s and has started to creep back into home decor within

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  • wallpaper

    Decorating With Wallpaper

    Interior design trends are seeing a resurgence of the use of wallpaper. Contrary to popular belief, wallpaper isn’t about the heavily bordered floral patterns of the past. Today’s wallpapers are textured and geometric, many making it look as though you had a faux finish on your walls. Benefits of Decorating with Wallpaper Wallpaper is simple.

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  • apartment decor

    Home Improvement Tips For Renters

    Home improvement projects are a fun and often an easy way to spruce up your living space.  As a renter, though, it can be difficult to take on these tasks while maintaining a friendly budget or staying within the confines of your renter’s agreement. DIY home improvement projects are a cost-effective way to change the

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  • minimalist decor

    How to Accomplish The Minimalist Look

    When looking at design trends, the word minimalist appears quite often. For many, this style comes with many uncertainties, as most people are unsure of what to incorporate in order to achieve the look. A quick assumption of ‘minimalist’ may include thoughts of a lack of decor, very little furniture, and an overall sleek design

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