• kitchen cabinet updates

    Quick & Easy Kitchen Cabinet Fixes

    With the sun shining more hours of the day and flowers coming up in bloom, spring is a time of change and renewal. If you are thinking about renovating something around your house, why not start with something as simple as your kitchen cabinets? You won’t have to spend too much time or money on

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  • holiday kitchen

    Prepping Your Kitchen For The Holidays

    During the holiday season, your kitchen really gets a workout. It’s the place where friends and family gather to share food and drink, tell stories about their lives, and most of all, enjoy one another’s company. It’s the place where you’ll prepare all of that food and drink your loved ones will enjoy. The kitchen

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  • faux paint

    Fun Faux Finishes

    Faux painting is a decorative technique that creates a false appearance. As wallpaper became less popular, different painting techniques started being used to create the texture and appearance that wallpaper once provided. The faux finishes trend has become very popular in recent years and can create a variety of looks in a home. Marbleizing –

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  • updated kitchen

    Finishing Touches For Your Kitchen

    A kitchen remodel is one of the most gratifying home improvements you can have done. All it takes are new cabinets, updated appliances, and a fresh coat of paint to completely transform the look and feel of your home’s kitchen. Regardless of how much you put into your renovation, once everything is in its place,

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  • fashion inspired home decor

    Home Décor Trends Inspired By Fashion

    Did you know that the world of home decor is heavily influenced by the colors and textures fashion designers put on the runway? Interior decorators and homeowners alike seek the trends presented at fashion weeks across the globe and find unique ways to incorporate them into furniture, wall color, and accessories for a living space.

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  • exterior home

    Value-Adding Home Improvements For Fall

    Generally speaking, home improvements can cost a lot. As a homeowner, you know home improvements are important, but which home improvements make the most difference? Any project you take on should provide a return on investment for the future of your home. These upgrades should make living in your house more enjoyable in the present

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  • fall home

    Simple Home Updates For Fall

    Gone are the long, summer days of pool parties and backyard barbecues. Fall has arrived, and it’s time to get yourself and your home ready for the cooler weather! Invite fall into your home décor with these simple seasonal updates. Refresh Your Front Door:  Over the summer, your front door can take a beating from

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