Ask a Decorator: Off-Center Window Trouble

Reader Sheryl asked Decorating Den:

“My master bedroom is 14 ft long by 8 ft tall. Within this wall is a 66 x 54 inch window, 5 1/2 feet from the left wall and 3 feet from the right wall, 1 foot from the ceiling and 2 feet from the floor. Obviously it is not centered. At this time it is not possible to replace and/or move it. Do you have any suggestions for disguising it? Blinds, drapes, furniture placement? We would like to construct a built in dresser/wardrobe along that wall.”

Marie Feltz from Decorating Den Meadville PA had some advice for Sheryl:

Since you mentioned that you would like a build-in dresser/wardrobe on that wall, you could build one on each side of the window. I would build two- or three-drawer units on each side of the window with shelf space above one unit and clothes bars above the other. You could then put a window seat below the window between the drawer units. Then hang a framed piece of stained or cut glass in the window to reflect all the beautiful light. If privacy is an issue, install a Roman Shade in place of the stained glass.

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