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Fireplace TV Dilemma

Wolford InteriorsReader Ron asked Decorating Den:

“I have a stone fireplace wall with a TV insert cut in it. I need to cover the insert in an inexpensive way. I will instead put a larger TV on a TV Stand on the ledge of the fireplace. What are your suggestions for covering the insert?”

Sue suggested:

Sounds like a wonderful project, and that you have a good handle on how you want everything to look.  I’ve attached 3 photos of a fireplace area that I think has handled the situation of displaying a television quite uniquely and beautifully.

Wolford InteriorsThe fireplace shows a TV mounted on the stone of the fireplace. Two wooden screens have been placed over the TV and mounted on a traveling rod. So when TV viewing isn’t desired, these wooden screens move to cover the TV and blend in beautifully with the stone of the fireplace. Perhaps instead of placing your TV on the fireplace mantel, this solution displayed in these photos might be more suitable.


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