Dining Room Chair Options

Reader Debbie asked Decorating Den:

“My son made us an oak table country style I’m not sure what kind of chairs to get to update it. It is an medium stain.”

Decorating Den’s Sherry Birchall had some advice for Debbie:

Matching woods can be very tricky so it’s best to not even try.  For a truly custom look, I would recommend going with upholstered chairs, also called Parson’s chairs.  They come in many different styles and fabrics as well as leather or vinyl.

For a more traditional style, I would go with a fabric chair that has a skirt.  You can purchase these ready made or you can have them made by a local upholsterer, thereby getting to choose your fabric.  If you have window treatments in the room, be sure to choose a fabric that coordinates with them.

For a more contemporary feel, you can go with a leather or vinyl and eliminate the skirt.

The sky really is the limit for the different design options for Parson’s chairs.  If the process is overwhelming, I would recommend enlisting the help of an interior decorator.  She (or he) will come to your home with fabric and style options that will enhance the beauty of your table and the entire room.

Good luck,

Murietta Interior Designer Sherry Birchall, Decorating Den Interiors

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