Ask a Decorator: Custom Window Treatment Troubles

Reader Emily asked Decorating Den:

“We have lived in our current house for awhile and life has been busy. I have more time now to think about fixing some things that have been bugging me. One is the echo and look of our two story family room. The house is very open and we have installed blinds on the lower windows and are looking to install blinds on the upper windows because of the sun.

However, my question revolves around drapes for the windows. There are 4 sets, two on the back wall on either side of a fireplace and two on the outside walls to either side. We have gone back and forth about if the drapes should be only one story or both stories. The windows are lined up one over the other so this is an option. I was also wondering if they should be double width panels or single since there are blinds underneath already for privacy?

Decorating Den’s Joanne North had some advice for Emily:

Great question!   First of all, you’ve made a good decision using blinds to help eliminate the unwanted sun coming in through your upper windows. You also mentioned a few challenges that you are trying to find solutions for; the first being the echo that you have in the room.  The insulating value of lined stationary drapery panels will certainly go a long way to eliminate the echo in the room.

As for whether they should be one or two panels will depend on the wall space you have available on the three walls and the fullness of the panels. One of the beauties of custom panels is that you can custom make them to fill the space you want covered.

Lastly, as to whether to have them cover one or both windows would depend on the size of the room and the distance between the windows.  Take a look at the pictures provided and you can see that both can work well!

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