Ask a Decorator: Sectional Furniture Pieces

A reader asked:

We are purchasing a large sectional for our basement. We will have extra pieces left over. My husband wants to put them around the house, in the bedroom….I thought we would store them or try to sell them. Do people typically use extra sectional pieces this way?

Carbondale Interior Decorator Angela Rowe suggested:

You can use the extra pieces as long as they look like stand-alone pieces.  Armless chairs, loveseats and sofas are very popular right now.  If you have the space and could use a chair or loveseat in the bedroom, by all means, use the sectional piece in that manner.  If there is a chance of your family moving, you may need or want the extra sectional pieces down the road.  If, however, you are in the home you plan to stay in for years to come and you really have no need of an armless chair in the bedroom, try and sell the extra pieces or donate them to charity and take the tax write-off!

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  1. Jeannie -  January 23, 2015 - 5:13 pm

    I have a small interior living room that we recently put new carpet in. I am would like to replace the couches as well but have a question about a darker couch in this area. The carpet is a khaki and the walls are khaki with a different hue than the floor and it is not well lit in the room. (old ranch house). I was wondering if I put a dark chocolate couch in the room will it make the room appear smaller than what it truly is?


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