Ask a Decorator: Nursery Colors

Reader Camilla asked Decorating Den:

Our office/craft room will be turned into a nursery when the time comes. It is painted a deep blue on two walls and a lighter blue on the other two. I would like to keep the dark blue (its gorgeous) even tho its not very “babyish” and i would be painting over the light blue. What are some colors that would coordinate with the dark blue but also make the room more kid friendly? boy or girl… Also on two walls there is paneling halfway up.

Our friends at CertaPro, Midvale House Painters, had some advice for Camilla:

I think the deep blue (I have it pictured as a Navy) would be beautiful in a nursery.  My suggestion for the other two walls is a warm white.  Not very exciting I know, but if the room is small, the dark blue will look as if it is receding and the warm white will infuse light in the area, combating the potential cave-like feeling that can result from too much dark color.

I also think the white would give opportunities for growth (and prevent repainting so often).  If your baby is a girl, you can start out with a soft pink in the bedding and fabrics in the room and as she grows, replace the pinks with coral or hot pink.  If it’s a boy you can incorporate green when he’s a baby and move to orange or red in the decorations as he gets older.

If you have your heart set on some additional color on the walls, any of those fabric colors would work as wall colors.  I would paint the paneling that you mentioned the same white as the trim and doors.  Here are some colors you can find at you local Sherwin Williams:

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