Ask a Decorator: Matching Bathroom Countertops

Reader Paula asked Decorating Den:

If redecorating bathrooms and using granite for counter tops, should I go with the same pattern and design granite for every bathroom?

Jane Sam of Decorating Den of Oakton, VA lends some advice to Paula:

The short answer to your question is no. Unless you are getting a great bargain on your granite and “have to” choose the same thing for your other bathrooms, I recommend avoiding doing so.  A master bath is always more appealing when it has it’s own entity and comfort elements that the master of the house yearn for and want to surround themselves with. Some good examples of those elements are special tiles, fixtures, and granite colors, etc.  The granite counter tops in a master need to be different from the other baths  to evoke a more luxurious, master feel.

If you are renovating 3.5 baths, I would advise to do your 2 full baths the same granite with the ½ bath using the remnants from your master granite.  Most of the time, a ½ bath is a powder room and usually a bath that visitors utilize.So you want it to look nice.  The other baths in a home accompany guest or children’s rooms and can be the same counter tops.  So  if you are lucky enough to be given options and choices, your granite should be different in your master bath than the other. Economically, if you have to use the same granite in all baths, then make the master and ½ bath different cabinetry, sink fixtures, or wall colors from the others.

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