Reader Adriana asked Decorating Den:

“We just installed cellular shades in our bedroom, but the look is sterile. I’d like to add panels, but the windows are in a hexagon shape with L small window (wall is 26″ window is11″) center window (wall is 98″, window is 80″) and R small window closing the hexagon identical to the L one. I could put side panels on the central window, but this would leave the small side windows uncovered. If I try to cover the entire area, what do I do about the 2 indentations of the side windows? Could you please help? Any suggestions?”

Decorating Den’s Tonie VanderHulst, a Redlands Interior Decorator, responded:

When you have oddly-shaped windows alongside a common window, my preference is to install outside Mount Shutters to enhance and embrace the odd architectural details.  I would use decorative hardware that would coordinate with the other details of the bedroom, such as the furniture and bedding that you have chosen.  Have some type of continuity, such as finish and other details.  I would take the rod completely across the larger window and bypass it by 6” including the finials on the ends.  I would have custom drapery panels made to be no less then 1.5 widths pleating to a minimal of 36” on each side.  Depending on the style of your furnishings, you could either have these hang straight or tied back for a more traditional look.