Reader Jill asked Decorating Den:

“I have a wood wall in my bedroom & all of the other walls are white with white molding. Not sure what I should do with them. Some suggestions have been, leave the walls white & continue the wood around the molding through out the whole room or around the one wall. Paint the walls a light shade that matches the wood. I can’t decide! Do you have any recommendations? The wood wall has a window in it with white vertical blinds which I was thinking about changing too, if you can make a suggestion.”

Our friends at CertaPro Painters of Salem had some advice for Jill:

Treat the wood wall like the other walls, but it will need to be stain block primed first with two coats of finish.  Depending on how the room is situated, you could do a color that is different than the other walls so it becomes an accent wall.  As far as the trim, paint that the same color you have on the other walls so you have continuity in the room.

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