Tara submitted a question to Decorating Den regarding the strict “no paint” policy in her apartment:

I live in an apartment where the landlord does not allow tenants to paint the walls. My question is how can i give the illusion that my wall(s) are painted but I’m on a small budget and it would have to be an inexspensive way to do so.

Our Rogersville Interior Decorator friends of Decorating Den had a solution:

Forget about the color of the walls. Try creating a new focal point. You can do this in many different ways:

  1. Hang artwork on the wall, either one large piece or a grouping of smaller pieces
  2. Add an area rug to the floor and when you have guests over their eyes will naturally be drawn to the floor. It is like creating art on the floor
  3. Purchase colorful pillows to add to the sofa or chairs
  4. Try hanging colorful drapery panels on the windows.

By doing any of the above, the color of the walls will be insignificant. – Nola Shivers, Decorating Den Interiors