Decorating Den’s Sue Pelley has a mini mailbag of Ask a Decorator submissions. Here is her latest round of advice:

Annett asked Decorating Den: “Our front door opens into our rectangular living room. Thankfully, most people come through the garage to access the mudroom, but I still would like to change things in the living room. The carpeting goes right to the door so I would like to put tile in a small area at the entrance. What else can I do?”

Sue’s advice: “Entryway tile sounds like a great idea!  You might also want to ad a small area rug, and perhaps some artwork to set this space apart from your living room.  A second idea might be to tile or use hardwood throughout your entire living room space, and then consider adding more texture by using decorative area rugs.”

Sharon asked Decorating Den “I want to paint my living room & dining room (all one space). I have a fireplace which is set out a little from the wall, it’s now painted in an accent color, do they still do that?”

Sue said: “Yes!  Painting your fireplace an accent color, or a color to blend in with the wall on which it is on, is absolutely a GREAT decorating idea!”

Lynn asked Decorating Den: “[Do you have suggestions for a] paint color for [the] bedroom? I have dark  wood trim, red bedding and curtains. [I] don’t know what color to paint [the] walls. Any ideas would be helpful”

Decorating Den’s Sue had some advice: I suggest you consider painting your walls a warm taupe shade. It will blend beautifully with your red bedspread and window draperies.