Reader Carolyn had a question regarding the peg board in her laundry room:

My laundry room has Peg Board on the walls. I was wondering what would be the best way to paint them? (sponge roller – long or short nap rollers) I know the holes in the board will be added work, also.. I have chosen 2 colors, a sage green, and a medium tan. There are 2 doors, and a set of cabinets over the washer that has to also be painted. I cannot decide if the walls should be painted the tan color, and the doors and the trim around them, and the cabinets should be painted the sage green color, or visa versa. For some reason I just can’t visualize the end results. Any help would be appreciated. If I should paint the walls the tan color, and the doors and the trim around them, and the cabinets the sage green, or visa versa.

Decorating Den’s Kristen Fencl, a Truckee Interior Decorator, had some advice for Carolyn:

Choose a roller cover with a short 1/4-inch or 3/16-inch nap for your Peg Board. The short nap roller won’t hold a lot of paint, but it will leave a very smooth finish with very little stipple or texturing.

I would start with the medium tan for the walls, doors and trim then bring the pop of color to the cabinets with the sage green. Green can express an outdoors-type feel and help to bring the outside in which will go a long way to bring your laundry room a warm and cozy feeling.