Reader Jennifer asked:

I am moving into my dream home and this move is putting us on the ‘eat beans’ budget; therefore, I cannot afford drapes. I have lovely damask draperies with swags and jaboted, but the colors of the stripes do not go. Have you heard of anyone painting over damask with fabric paint? Are there lovelier options?

Pat from had some advice for Jennifer:

I would not paint over the stripes. There could be bleed, but more importantly, the color will change based on the color you are painting over. I think you would be taking some elegant draperies and turning them into something not too cool. You could cut new strips and sew them on, making sure the existing fabric was not see through. Sounds like a lot of work, though.

I think I would replace them with sheers (that could be used under your new draperies when you do eventually get them). Perhaps your damask drapes could be utilized in a different room, as you seem very fond of them.

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