Deann asked Decorating Den:

I was wondering if one can affix curtain rods close to the ceiling and display curtains that only hang about 3/4 down the wall once placed on the rod; or with this rod height, must the curtains be full length to the floor or it will look funny/cheap or chop the room height?

Decorating Den’s own Angela Lowry, a professional Suffolk Interior Decorator, has some advice:

Thank you for your question, however I think you already know the answer!   Hanging draperies from a rod close to the ceiling will always look more elegant, professional and proportionate if the treatments reach to the floor. Having them three quarters of the way down the wall could give the impression that you ran out of fabric.  However, if you already have the treatments and they are not long enough for this kind of installation, then consider installing the rod lower down the wall, closer to the top of the window frame.   It may also be possible to add some additional coordinating fabric to the bottom to create a “banded” appearance.

Good luck! and always feel free to contact a professional for the best results.