Reader Janet asked Decorating Den:

“I live in a studio apartment. I am trying to decorate in compartments. What type of items can I use to separate my bed area from my living area and it not be so bulky or obvious? (I wanted something different from a screen.)”

Decorating Den’s Jane Sams had an idea:

Understanding that floor and perimeter space is limited within a studio apartment, ceiling height also needs to be taken into consideration.

If you have 9-10ft. high ceilings, (lucky you!), then your space may seem larger.  To make an unobtrusive, cohesive look, think about open “etage” or open book case. This idea would create your separation, and also give functionality of order and storage, utilizing the open design of the book case.

The style would be something that could “dress up or dress down” your space in a matte black with tubular metal frames with back stretcher support, and solid birch shelving with rounded corners. Usual height for bookcase is 84″Hx42W”x 16D. It would have a fixed top, as your center line, bottom and center shelves, and four adjustable shelves where you could create closure/privacy with accessories or books.

It would be open – pulling your eye up and out, instead of screening or blocking your area. ┬áThis idea is versatile, and will also work spacially, even if your ceilings are lower.

Post by Oakton Interior Decorator Jane Sams