Reader Samantha asked Decorating Den: “I want to redo my bathroom in purple, mustard yellow and turquoise. I have
a high-end purple shower curtains but not sure how to use the other colors, including paint on the walls. Can you recommend how to use the colors even if it means tossing my purple shower curtain that I really like.”

Decorating Den’s Sue Pelley had some advice:

Samantha – your bathroom color scheme – purple, mustard yellow and turquoise – is featuring some of today’s hottest color trends! I’m reading that you purple shower curtain is solid in color.  I would suggest you consider painting your walls a soft mustard yellow shade, like Mustard Olive from Benjamin Moore. You could then utilize your purple shower curtain and accent the bathroom with turquoise in towels, decorative soaps, etc.  Then try looking for a small fun area rug that would incorporate ALL three colors, and perhaps consider even adding some artwork that features all three colors.  Sounds like a wonderful bathroom – a great decorating project.