The Secret to Becoming a Successful Interior Decorator

First let’s define “successful Interior Decorator.”

It doesn’t matter if you are the most talented interior decorator in the world. If you don’t have any clients, who will know (or care) about your talents?

Marketing is the first and most important role of becoming an interior decorator.  Defining success means understanding your personal goals.  Some goals may be financial, others for creative expression and some lifestyle goals.  We can all agree – a successful interior decorator is one with clients and a healthy repeat and referral business.

The secret is the marketing. Follow a proven system and be consistent. Marketing is an ongoing and long-term process. The busier a decorator is with clients, suppliers, and installers, the harder it is to devote the necessary time and money to marketing.  A successful business owner understands that having a support system and marketing programs in place allows us to manage the whole business of creating beautiful spaces, happy clients and making a profit.

It’s imperative to offer the highest standard of customer service and quality home furnishings.  These lead to happy clients, who will become your best marketing partners.  As many of the DDI decorators I’ve talked with remind me, their clients become their friends.

Our Decorators/owners have the talent, and a proven system to follow.  They understand the secret and enjoy the marketing tools, sales, training, merchandising, and business management support that allow them the time to create and prosper!

If you are interested in exploring career options with Decorating Den, call Robyn McClure at 703-239-8112. Her passion is marketing and helping talented hardworking individuals design their future.

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